Grinning Mischievously

In browsing aimlessly through art on a couple different sites, I stumbled on Pac’s profile and noticed she was open for commissions. I don’t actively watch too many people, but I do know that she’s among a few people whose art that, when I happen upon it, I always think oh yeah! Them! I should get something by them… Anyways, why not now?

Zelaphas icon by Pac

Zelaphas icon by Pac. DAT GRIN.

I’m pretty happy with the turnout! Incredibly fast turn-around, good service, and got the character dead on. I’m not a fan of the red shirt, but I’ll take it. The icon crops it out nicely, and it actually reminds me of a red hoodie-wearing character I used to have in high school. Ugh…so tacky.

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